About me.
Hi, my name is Jason James, Creative director, 3D animator and motion graphic designer.

I’m a true 90s kid. I grew up on skateboarding, comic books and can recite every lyric of A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders by memory. 

Born in Canada, my childhood love for off-the-wall kids cartoons inspired me to become an animator which resulted in an early career move into video game studios. Fun fact: I’m partly responsible for the first Shrek video game… but don’t hold that against me. 

I love strong design and have been blessed with a diverse portfolio of global brands, sporting associations and government agencies to communicate ideas and attract new audiences using captivating visual aesthetics.

My depth of experience means I know how to bring ideas to life and get a project off the ground and into the world.

I’m currently based in Melbourne and know some great ramen spots. Let’s have a chat.
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